Monday, November 24, 2008

Tsunami bangs

Four more days to go and we're off to party! Scrappers at SG Christmas Party '08!!!
Here's a peek of one of our goodie give-away, more details of this project coming soon!

Meanwhile all the scrappers are busy completing the Scrappin Monito Challenges and most of us are also busy with the preparations.

One of our activities is to create 6x6 pages for SCKC through Julie and we're targeting to complete at least 3 albums with 20 pages per album, I know we can do it! Please visit Julie's blog for more details and it will help a lot if you spread about this call by posting at your blogs.
And as a thank you, I'm giving away a RAK for one lucky blogger!

See BLOGCANDY details here.

And now here's another deadline beater LO for Kaya, another page for our graduation album that I have been neglecting. Another ewww photo of me hahaha, see those "tsunami bangs" as Bjay calls it. *lol* Those were the days when Aqua Net was a staple in every girl's dresser.

More details here.

Thanks again for stopping by!


Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Great distressing there honey! It is so nice to see older photos of you. I'm amazed how many LOs you always manage to finish! I wonder how many albums you own now - must be tons!

pigmentations said...

wahaha! I remember, a kumare of mine from highschool and our friends were playing volleyball back in the day... and somehow her well-tissed bangs caught a fly!!! double-eiwwww :)

haaay, sumakit tiyan ko kakatawa ngayon kasi naaalala ko ang mga nakaraan :)

Jill Deiling said...

looove your new lo, good luck with all your challenges! :)