Friday, January 16, 2009

Fabulous Addictions

Thanks to Lee for these awards:

Mention 5 addictions and pass on the award to 5 other fab blogs!

1. chocolate! bars, cookies, ice cream, cake.. anything chocolate! (preferably dark or mint!)
2. scrapbooking! no further explanation on that hehehe
3. We Got Married Korean variety show! oh men I've been surfing the net to get the latest subs, please please, pretty please continue subbing them (got to watch episode 40)
4. Pearl milk tea! more like Zagu, in here Sweet Talk is the most popular and Blue Coral is my all time fave!
5. Bo Sanchez books, I'm not really a book person and I prefer reading in short context. His short, inspirational and funny stories are delightfully good food for the soul... a constant reminder of keeping my faith.

And now I pass on the awards to:

Hey ladies, I hope you find time to pass on the awards. I just realized this topic is a fun idea to scrap.

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Mary's 10,000 mark (please pray for her brother and my mother too and all who are suffering from illness)
Thanks and TGIF!


tnapay said...

thanks for the award benga. :) happy-scrappy weekend to yah dear.

kamay said...

cute beading project!
kamay said...

Hi, Saw that you mentioned "Bo Sanchez"if so - you might be interested to reserve your Nov 28-29, 2009 for a chance to hear him live/see him/have your books signed at the Araneta Coliseum for the once in a lifetime event "Dream Big, Win Big".

It's a big learning event about "dreaming big in your life and using your core gifts to follow your dream". Yes it's a catholic event, there's mass and worship but there's also a lot of singing and dancing and comedy as well as the huge message on big dreams. See you or your friends there!

Conference Details at
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