Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All my bags are packed...

Started packing, and just as I predicted most of my boxes contains my scrap stash, 1 box alone contains my albums and I have a few more albums tucked in other boxes.
So finally here's my cabinet, before I started packing

and after *wink*

Now here's a card to share that I did for the newly weds
I have no LO to share at least in a week or so because of our move which is next Saturday.
But I still have my trolley bag full of scraps, so let's just see if I can brew something ;)

And before I end this post, here's a great find! I was blog hopping and stumbled to Maddy's, not only was I was stunned by her amazing talent but I was also entertained by her adorable stamping companion Calvin the mouse ;) See the cute mouse blinkie on my sidebar? I browsed through her posts and stumbled on another talent, Calvin the man hehehe, he's Maddy's bf who is one cool dude with an amazing craft talent as well.
Lotsa talents out there, really inspiring! I just remembered I have this tub of clay which I haven't touched, they don't need any baking and can easily mix with acrylic paints to add color. Don't have talent in molding but maybe I'll try one of her tutorials and maybe my creative juices will start flowing, just maybe.

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Edleen said...

Marix, Happy Packing & Moving :)
wow...so many things!!! all stash and surely that's not all??? hehehe...

have a fun weekend!