Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crazy little thing

Busy busy!
Aside from work and packing, which seems to be endless, I'm also busy helping my friends for the paint job. Here's sharing a peek of my soon to be room next week!

I'm so excited for our move, but I'm still contemplating on the furnishings inside my room. I decided to minimize my clutter so I'm thinking of shifting to a sofa bed to give my room some space but also for the very reason that it's my craft area as well. My dear friend suggested a loft bed so I can maximize more space and even suggested to hang my LCD TV, ha! He's the owner so I can drill some holes in my room, woohoo of course with his permission. Still contemplating since an overall refurnishing of my room would cost me big bucks and this is not the right time for unnecessary spending, not just for me but for my friend as well (since he's my landlord now *lol*). So we can only dream for now.

Meanwhile, I'm working on an LO in between my hectic sked, I just can't resist scrapping! Will share it soon, so here's another lovey dovey LO which is meant for Scrapstars. The site is currently undergoing technical problems I just hope they can update the site soon :(

Mama is doing fine, she visits her garden once in a while and can see a bit of sunshine with the help of my Dad pushing her wheelchair in the neighborhood. My Dad gave her 3 red roses this Valentine's day, he joked that it's his bribe so she would agree to take a bath *lol* Ahhh true love ;)

Thanks for dropping by and happy weekend!

Blogcandy alerts:

Chris - Happy Wedding Anniversary! and Happy Birthday!



Rachel V. said...

Thanks for linking my blog candy! Hope your move is going well. And I love your Dad's humor. :)

Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Goodluck on your move. Looks like you can do a lot in your room. Love those 2 chickies.

Liza said...

Good luck on the move Marix. Hope you'll be able to maximize your space considering priority ang scrapping stuff! LOL! Enjoy the move!