Wednesday, February 04, 2009

fall in love

I've been MIB, Missing in Blogging again, just don't have the mojo... too stressed I guess.
It's an on-going rollercoaster ride for me, for us, my family. My mother is not doing better but I know she's fighting and hiding her pain. Her chuckles amidst her frail voice on the phone is always a relief. Her jokes on my Dad, calling him Lucky Me, a private joke adapted from the TV commercial... "ay bingi!" :P shows her determination and her positive outlook in life. Again my sincerest thanks to all the thoughts and prayers.
Scrapping is still my fallback to de-stress, I made several pages for my Mama here in SG, Cecel's mom who cooks delicious food for us. She's a superwoman! Thanks Ma for bearing our craziness ;) I also did some guest book pages for a friend but I forgot to take photos :(

Meanwhile here's a sneak of my page for the coming February challenge at Scrapstars

Zabeth wins my card challenge via random drawing! Rowee will also receive goodies from me! Congratulations ladies and thanks for joining Scrapstars! Please send me your mailing address, just click Contact on the menu bar for my email address. The winner at Scrapstars will be announced soon, goodluck!
Cynthia made me laugh :)

Hopefully I can get back to blogging soon... Thanks!

PS Thanks for the award Timi!



rowee said...

Hi Marix! I'm glad ur back in circulation!!! Also happy that mama pampers you guys with her "malalasang pagkain"LOL!!!
Thanks for the special rak!!
Bigay mo n lang ke mama. cya n lang mag-uuwi! tnx!

sugar rain said...
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sugar rain said...
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sugar rain said...

mama b thanks for the LO pages for bettina. they've received it already and teta *bettina's mom* is so totally thankful for it hehehe. at pinatawag pako para sabihin na gawan ko daw ng LO lahat ng mga moments ni bettina hanggang sa paglaki. lifetime daw winner!