Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One more day

Yep we're officially moving tomorrow, still some tidbits to pack but we're all set and good to go. I want to scrap! I think I'll start unpacking my scrap before anything else, lol.

I've finally decided to get a loft bed in my room, I'll probably buy this from Ikea unless I see something better at Courts or roughly the same price range. And I bet you know what's gonna be under that bed *lol*

Now here's something cool that I found while bloghopping:

Glass jar photo frames

and these cute momiji dolls!

Blogcandy alerts:

Scrapbook and cards
Bjay - happy blogoversary! her blog is a must read!

TGIF! enjoy the weekend!


pigmentations said...

thanks for the heads-up, sis!

I vote for that bed. that way you can maximize you scrap space. ahahaha! and I must say your new room looks very promising! show and tell when you've furnished it na ha?


ramintessah said...

hi dear! my hubby also wants that bed.hehhehe! I am loving your scrapping styles.

tnapay said...

hi marix! that is a cool bed. share naman pictures of your room when you are done arranging your things. curious ako what you used the bottom part of the bed for. ganyan ang gusto ko bed for my son's room para meron syang study area below. hihihi.