Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Day

Okay I'm still "Scrapless in Sengkang" *LOL*

So I just want to share one of my old, old, old pages, I think this is my 3rd LO when I began my journey to scrapbooking world, acid free that is. Way back March 2005? Well I'm still stingy at that time and still used non-acid free materials. The white cs on this LO is non-acid free so you can see traces of yellow spots, thankfully this is a digital photo so I can just reprint and redo this LO, and this is my entry to Sketchbook's First Page challenge.

Why did I post my 3rd instead of the first two? Well the first 2 LOs are really horrific to share hahaha, I used ordinary brads and non-acid free stickers, so just imagine the rust and the tarnished photos, really a shame to even look at!

BTW this bed is now inside my room, yay! Kinda scary sleeping a few inches away from the ceiling *LOL*, I also wonder if that bed has a weight capacity, hmmmm

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Edleen said...

how's Sengkang? ;)
that LO looks good even now.

hope you're settling in well and scrap soon yeah :D