Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm losing my mind

Have been dying to scrap... you can see a peek at my daring attempt to finish a long overdue LO shown on the photo hanging below my loft bed, still unfinished *sigh*
Too tired, our move was all blood and sweat for me and my dear friends with all the problems caused by such an irresponsible renovation contractor. All of us in the household are either down with flu or cough/colds, even the poor baby. *sigh* Hopefully everything will settle down this weekend, fingers crossed.
So here's a peek of my room with all the mess included, organizing is not my cup of tea as you can see with all the clutter. So organization is still in progress... there are old and some new furnishings which caused a rather hefty dent in our credit cards, the reason why I stopped visiting our LSS. I just have to close my eyes and gulp at all the drooling new arrivals week after week :(

Here's moi with my chubby and oily face wishing for my fairy godmother to come along and do magic to make my room spic and span.

I've been visiting all the bloggerifics, just too busy to make a comment but I've been inspired and hopefully I can make a scrapbooking comeback soon!

Meanwhile I have guestbooks to finish and will share it to you all in my next post.
ETA I forgot the blogcandy alerts ;)
Lori - Happy 20,000 hits!
Dorothy - a card cause
Take care!


salme said...

Your loft looks great!

tnapay said...

your room is getting into shape. :) i really love your bed. :D is that your closet behind you? lovely color.

can't wait to see your room after you're done organizing. :)

don't forget to share some pictures ok?

redoaklines said...

everything looks great. can't wait to see your future layouts! ;)


pigmentations said...


ayos na pala a! love your loft bed! wag ka lang sana mauuntog sa kisame :)

hey, buy that decal already para posh :)