Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Not so good Wednesday

It was toxic at work, a not so good news back home in Manila and travelling home tonight wasn't a breeze either... oh well tomorrow is another day.
Here's an LO I finished a while ago, supposed to be my entry for mareng s' challenge at Scrapbook Challenges, but I didn't notice it was posted last week, oh well :)
Challenge was to scrap photos in 3 tones, b&w, sepia and colored, I thought it was fun coz I never tried it before.

This is my favorite kiddo in Singapore, he's not my godson but I love him dearly. A month before his 4th birthday last year he's been bugging me to buy him a big, big, big, big cake... saying those words with his chinky eyes wide open. Cuteness! (He was a bit disappointed it was not a big cake but I told him it's big enough for all of us to eat and so there goes his twinkling smile)

And here's another NSD LO to share...

Here's a blogcandy by Lesli, check out the yummy goodness she's giving away!

And of course my blogcandy is still on-going so spread the word!

I'm so looking forward to a happy Thursday tomorrow. Take care people!


Rowee said...

As usual great LO's from a great scrapper!!!


eMeLiNe Seet said...

hope all things go well ... absolutely adore the birthday layout ! love the 3 color tone there coo ! =)