Thursday, May 07, 2009

on the wings of love

Finally I'm sharing this Maya Road chipboard album I did a couple of weeks ago.
Yet another story to begin with...
When I introduced my mother to scrapbooking years ago she was delighted and was excited to try the hobby. She bought the only available materials from our local bookstore at that time and of course I did share some of my stuff whenever I come home. She then showed me her very first attempt to scrapbooking. A double pager of her photos and my Dad's, cut into pieces!
I couldn't hide my disappointment for what I saw. The photos were a mix of old photos way back 60s up to current. Of course my mother noticed I was disappointed of the outcome. I just explained to her she could have asked me to scan the photos before she cut them into pieces. What's done is done, so she gave me an assignment instead. She ripped off the pages (it was a binded scrapbook album) and ask me to re-do the pages. I've been holding on to those pages for so long coz I was in a rut on how to redo such pages.
Finally after years of contemplation I opted to create a mini-album and here goes my fiercest attempt *LOL* though I want to add a bit more on the cover and maybe some ribbons on the rings. Let me know what you think k?

It's almost Friday, yippeeee! Enjoy!



Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Marix, this is too sweet!!! I love the tabs and how you cut from different pictures and pieced them together! WOW!

salme said...

huwaw! so much love is in this mini-album! katuwa talaga parents mo...