Monday, May 11, 2009

Yearbook photos

Yey! I was chosen as pick of the week at SC! Here's my LO using Becky Fleck's May Pagemaps and my entry to mareng s' photoshop challenge!
I'm totally dumb in using photoshop so when I saw her tutorial, I was so excited and gave it a try. There will be another PS challenge next month, for the meantime there are lots of challenges at SC so I hope you come along and join the fun!

And this is a counterpart LO for my Kuya, I did this during the NSD, and I like this better than my own. What do you think?

These photos are taken at X'or Manila, the official photographer of UST. I'm just not sure if until now. These photos have a story to tell. .. It was at one point an issue between me and my Kuya. Since we graduated the same year, he took up Engineering which is a 5-yr course, the expenses were a bit too much for our parents to handle. My mother asked us that only one of us gets a yearbook, and of course my brother being the eldest one insisted he should be the lucky one. Duh! Funny thing is if you didn't sign-up and pay for the yearbook, your name and photo(of course) will not be printed in the yearbook! It's just like saying I would not be included in the history of UST who graduated with the highest honor of *oops got no honors actually LOL*, but still wouldn't you want at least your name listed as a graduate of your alma mater? So I insisted and thankfully my mother was kind enough to understand and paid for me as well, so yes we have two copies of the yearbook both our names and photos in it!
It was a great and yummy dinner at mader's place with chitchats of course... so more stories on my next post and will share the goodies I got!
Got to sleep now, goodnight!

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tnapay said...

hello marix :)

both layouts are lovely but i'll have to agree with you that your brother's layout is better because i can see the love in it (and mukhang gusto mo ibuking ang edad nya sa page LOL) ;)