Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moshi moshi Monchichi

If you're born in the 70's and love dolls like I do then you should be familiar with this doll, one of the famous ones back in the 80's. Not really sure about the history of this doll but as soon as it hit the market, I begged Mama to get me one. Just like any other toys, my fascination to this doll was soon replaced by Barbie and even the Cabbage Patch and so on and so forth. Good thing Mama have kept them all safe and sound in my room back home.

I think I'm 9 or 10 yrs old in this photo, like I've mentioned before Mama used to bring us to the studio so we can have nice photos we can send to my Dad who previously worked overseas. I'm also a Hello Kitty fan back then, wish I still have that watch which is an original Sanrio.

Anyway this is my take at Scrap Schemes latest scheme inspiration. We hope you get inspired and play along with us.

Thanks for keeping me company!


Cute#1 said...

This is cute marix! ang cute cute mo hahahaha... i'm starting to luv owls as well hehhee

emsfronda said...

Ang cute mo! Alam mo ba that DH's sister's sister-in-law (gets mo?) gave Gaby that toy during 1 of her bdays. Sabi ko na nga ba familiar, aba, na-hingi tuloy ni sister-in-law. It reminds her daw of her childhood eh mid 30's na kaya sya nun! ;o)

Rowee said...

Look at the bangs Marix!!! Hehehe!!! I remember my childhood years, ganyan din ang look ko! hehehe!!!

have a great day!!!

Cute#1 said...

From Deo: Batang bata pa lang Marix na =)

pigmentations said...

ahahaha! kilala ko ito! I think I have the super maliit na version! gosh, benga'ng benga na maliit pa lang :)

love the whimsical LO!


Jeff and Pia said...

Ang cute cute mo! At ang cute cute din ng LO! Naalala ko din yang doll na yan, yung itsura lang pero di yung name hehehe. Kakaaliw naman buti at naitago pa ni mommy mo yung doll. Eh kung picturan mo sarili mo ngayon kasama yung doll na yan? O di ba cute!