Thursday, August 13, 2009


Scrapblocked? Head on to Scraps Schemes and join us in another inspiring scheme to boost your mojo to scrap.
Here's my take and check out the fabulous takes of the DTs.

I'm back from a short trip back home, and now my Dad is here with me, yey!
One day shy to another great weekend ahead, something to look forward to, take care my friends.


ellie said...

What a cool photograph on the bridge! (brave souls! lol)....and thanks for the inspirational tip!

Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Love that quilt look on the LO.
So happy for you that your dad's with you now. It's always great to be around family.

scrapgurl14 said...

I really like the patterned paper grid you did here. I like that they are all lined up. Such a graphic scrapbooker me. =)