Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainy crafty weekend

'Warning photo heavy*
It was raining heavy yesterday so I opt to stay home and begin my crafty weekend. I planned to sew a curtain, alter a clock and create a mini book. The curtain and clock was on a whim since Ikea was on sale (tnx pre for the TGIF at Ikea) so I grabbed the chance to get some good bargains.
I was so excited with the curtain, well I only have to sew the hems so I dusted off my sewing machine and started refreshing my memory. To my dismay the bulb was busted and when I sew, the thread bunched at the back side, and I ended up wasting my spool of thread. Lesson learned- do not use cheap threads LOL.
Finally here's my clip-on curtain below my loft bed, just to divide my sofa bed from my scrap area.

The sofa bed cover is very colorful, I think Ikea has a red cover but I like an apple green color, should I attempt to sew a cover? that would be the day hahaha

So what's behind the curtain?
Here's my scrap area where I don't usually scrap LOL, it's usually messy so I always ended up scrapping on the floor.

Before I was able to finish the curtain, I took a break and sew an iphone cover from felt. I was puzzled on how to make the closure work so I used a big button and a ribbon. Did I pull it of?

I took a break from my craftiness pursuit and started re-organizing my stuff but ended up creating an LO for Ed's Sketch.
Since my sewing machine was out and the thread was yellow I thought of sewing a pennant. It has been too long since I last stitched on my LO so when I saw Cookie's eyecandy LOs, I was inspired to use my sewing machine again on my LOs.

The challenge requires a layered stamping, so I used swirls, hearts, words, circle stamps using white, orange, red and gree inks. I was quite happy with the result.

Finally, the clock was calling me, I wanted to create a simple clock face without any photo not like the one I did before. I was so glad to find this glittered pp from KCK craft.
I just added a rub-on and butterfly punch,but of course ;), and then accented with stickles to blend with the pp.
I think it did matched a bit with my wall decals, got this over a year ago from Ikea, they still have it on sale but the adhesion is not working so I used double adhesive tape to stick them on the wall, shhhh I know it would hurt the wall I'll worry about it later hahaha
So that's my weekend craftiness, I'll show you my re-organized (yet again) scrap cabinet on my next post.

Monday again? arghh nite nite


salme said...

Wow! Love the curtain, the iphone holder, lo and clock! It was definitely a very productive weekend!

bebang said...

love everything! galing2 mo marix... dami mo nagawa.... inspiring :)

Michelle Gotoh Bertuzzi said...

Wow, so much eye candy all in one post! That is an awesome curtain! That LO and pouch is also beautiful!