Friday, June 04, 2010

my new babies

This girl just can't have enough! Soooooo excited to use them very very soon.

Prima Clear Collage Stamps - Salsa

My little lamb from Penny Johnson, cuteness!!!

My very first Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous - Good Thoughts



Scrapper Maya said...

Ooohhhh.... I green with envy hehehe...that TIm Holtz is in my wish lists!! :D

salme said...

Wow! Love the stamps you bought esp the one from Tim Holtz. :D

Liza said...

Love that TH stamp set Marix! I better look for that soon. :D

liliput said...

me too! me too! i also want the tim holtz stamps! san mo po siya nabili?

Benga said...

liliput sa scrapoholics, dami maganda :)

Chok Keun said...

nice stamps!!!