Thursday, July 29, 2010

Freedom Thursday

Finally some freedom from work, don't you just love it when the bosses are on a meeting. LOL
Still no project for me so I'm just going to share some stuff I did the past weekends.
Here's some card sharing...
and here's a wedding invite for a friend, we finished 50 pcs! I have to do another wedding invite prototype, hopefully I will live up to their expectations *wink*

So what do you think of the on-going CHA, plenty of good stuff going on my wish list, better start saving now!
And this is a must buy for me, Prima masks

And finally a WOW, one of my "coffee" LO was featured at Laines, thanks Felicia!
Can't wait for Friday!

1 comment:

salme said...

CongratS, Marix!!!

Wow love ko yung mga masks na yun, there goes my august resolution huhuhu