Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DGC Scraps!

I had a super blast weekend, and one of the highlights was scrapping with my non-scrapper friends! The shiny happy people - DGC! How cool is that!
I just brought my stash, and let them play on their own! I did give the basics but all the pages were completely their own idea. Here they are at work with all the mess of course.

Rummaging for embellishments
A really messy floor!
Completely zapped from the real world LOL
Coming next post are their masterpiece! And a poll coming up, just for fun!
Marix *still smiling*


sweetlyf said...

That was a fun weekend indeed! I admire your patience Marix hehehhe Thanks for bearing with the non-scrapping DGC :) I think I'll just stick with baking hehehhe

jonaks said...

I'm sure they all had fun!