Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Busy as a bee!

That's gonna last until the end of month!  My friends and I are busy preparing for our dear friends coming wedding by month end.  I really miss my scrapbook stash but I'm not entirely craftless LOL
We're cooking up something and I will share some bits by next week :)
And to pump up more of my scrap crave, my scrappy friends Sookie and Bedette gave me these yummy goodies!
I'm an adhesive scrappy gal, I got more than a handful of adhesives in different shapes, sizes and texture! hehehe tnx Bedette for these goodies, love love love them!

Ever since I saw the birdbath stamp from Iris' LOs, it was already on my wish list.  I've been searching for such stamp at my LSS, so just imagine my happiness when Sookie found this during her trip to the US.  And the other stamps that come with the set are just as lovely. I'm dying to ink these babies!  Tnx so much Sookie!

Almost Thursday already, still waiting for my the washing machine to buzz, yet my laundry basket is still more than half full yaiiks!


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