Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding jitters

Nope it's not me getting married, it's my dear friends come Saturday! But being in-charge of the reception from decor to the program and yes being the emcee makes me giddy.  I want it to be near perfect for them, so please say a little prayer for all of us, the couples Dexter and Leslie, their families, the DGC angels and all our close friends who are in full force in this major event.
I personally like this kind of wedding, may it be simple or extravagant, where all families and friends help out and contribute from the planning, preparation and on the day itself.
The main theme of our program is to have "fun", we want everyone to celebrate, hang loose, have a good time and leave with smiles on their faces.
Your're still with me? yes you're still reading the same blog LOL, ok now here's some sneaks of  one of my to-dos in my wedding decor checklist.
I was tasked to create a wedding easel as part of the decor, I chose to make it different from the traditional ones so I ended up creating a huge LO.  Took me almost a day to finish, and my scrappalific conscience pushed me to used 12x12 cs instead of using an ordinary cartolina! LOL.  Yes, I want it to be acid free! I tried my best to hide the joint lines so I chose white cs.  I will share the full image after the wedding, meanwhile here are the sneakies.

Thanks for dropping by!


Jolanda said...

this looks stunning!!!

bebang said...

Stunning indeed Marix! Swerte ng friend mo :) she must be very delighted to have you (and all your talents) on her big day!

Sandy Ang said...

The sneaks are enticing. Look forward to the reveal after the wedding !