Monday, November 15, 2010

Purging my supplies

It was one of our LSS birthday and there was a whooping 40% storewide discount for scrappaholic for life  members.  It was a struggle over the weekend if I would drop by the shop or not, but I managed to keep my eyes closed and bit my lips so hard and decided not to pass by the shop. *whew* 
I have a teeny weeny regret though, I really wanted to buy a few mists *sigh*
Anyway I've been purging my supplies every now and then and here's a page I did using scraps and old supplies.

Hope your Monday is doing great!


Jolanda said...

That looks very nice and the L/O is a beautiful memorie!!

Edleen said...

you make balck look good Marix! :D
have a great week :)