Saturday, December 04, 2010

Ready the way

Dec. 4, 2010
Ready the way, ready the way of the Lord.

Such a great song to end the holy mass.
I was a bit early for the 6PM anticipated mass so I decided to seat behind the choir's designated seats. Some of my friends were not able to attend so there are empty seats.  To my surprise I was asked to seat in front so I got no choice but to sing (or lip sync).  No matter how distracting it may seem,  I still felt peace in my heart which rarely happens even if I do my prayers at night.  I guess there's the feeling of being safe inside the church, the closeness I can get to Him and singing the song of praises somehow lifts up my downhearted spirit.

Let us see your face;
in our hearts we prepare a place.
Come bring this world
your mercy and grace,
as we ready the way for you, Lord.

Blessed weekend to all


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