Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lost times

Yep I'm making up for the lost times!  Am so proud of myself! LOL  Please allow me to brag a little since it has been a long time that I was able to pull-off several projects in a short period of time.

Baby frame fo Kylie Eleison

 Wedding pages..lovely photographs are a big impact in the overall LO


I've been bloghopping now and then to see the latest trends and styles in scrapbooking.  The use of mediums like paints, mists and inks are still very in and no drastic changes in paper designs.  Prima is still prima, lovely as ever but can't seem to find something really new.
I was at MWL last night and too bad (or good) I forgot my membership card so I didn't purchase anything.  Have I really lost interest in buying scrappy stuff? But I have a few essentials I would want to buy the next time I drop by.
  1. The Beacon glue, superb! My latest favorite glue-it-all!
  2. Prima mask stencils
  3. Black cardstock
See, told you I lost it. Is there anything I really missed?

Thanks for the visit!


Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

oh my goodness, gorgeous frame and wedding layouts marix, WOW!!

salme said...

very cute frame!!! and you are so right, good pictures is an inspiration in itself! Gorgeous layouts!

Jolanda said...

wow,amazing work!!