Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Cleaning

...still in progress.

I'd like to thank Susie for purchasing more than half of my old papers.  To be honest I thought hard in letting go of my precious papers, even to the last minute that I was packing them.
After dividing most of my stuff to "Sell", "Throw", "Keep" and "Undecided" categories,  I have successfully cleared one big box of my scrappy stuff.
If you are from Singapore or has friends in Singapore, please take a look at my Sale page,  I'll be adding more items soon!

I think I just need a little push to continue this hobby.  I'm definitely losing interest until someone asked me to create wedding pages. Whoaaa, that's a big push alright.  I eventually agreed and to warm up my scrapping skills ( if there are still  any left LOL), I created a frame LO for a newborn baby.  Yey for me!!! I will be sharing that project soon.

The schedule is a bit tight as they need it before Wednesday.  Though I didn't manage to complete the wedding pages (apparently for framing), I was able to put a few pieces together and planned what I intend to do with the photos.  I was asked to make 2 but I think I'll be able to pull-off 4 pages.  Told yah it was a big push. *wink*   I'm excited to get home soon so I can finish all 4 pages tonight!

On a side note...
Elsie is getting married again!  Hopefully Jeremy is the one for her.  All the best to you Miss Elsie!  I liked the concept of their wedding invitation, clearly speaks of who they are. Coolness!

For us Catholics, it's the beginning of Holy Week, a time for reflection.  A blessed week to all!


salme said...

Sana ganun din maramdaman ko hahaha nahihirapan pa rin ako sa papers maglet go though ginagamit ko na sya hahaha

Susie said...

Hi Marix,

Thanks to you for selling and reserving the papers to me, hope i can soon find time to scrap and not just hoard these lovely papers ;-)