Monday, May 30, 2011

For keeps

I was cleaning up my room and just realized how dusty my Xbox was, the Kinect hype has gone down on me so it's now collecting dust in the dark corner of my room.  I figure why not create a cover just like what I did with my sewing machine.  After a few sneezes I pulled out the dusty cover off my sewing machine and made a quick replica in less than 5 minutes!
And I got distracted with all the felt cloths I have in my drawers so I sewed an iPhone cozy, simpler but a bit edgy than my first one ;)

And finally here's another LO using Creative Scrappers sketch #157 for my bro's SG vacation album.

By the way I just saw my name in "K"rafers Paradise list of finalists, yey!
If you have time to pass by Suntec City, please drop by at the Book Fair and vote for my LO.  Haven't seen it on display so I'll probably drop by on Thursday.  Thanks!.

It's a lazy but busy Monday for me.  Have a great week!

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