Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jollibee and friends

I'm failing in my time management.  I've been attending work courses and I'm beating deadlines to make up for the lost times. I'm squeezing a bit of exercise time as well and I really can't give up my k-dramas too. Add the on-going *unending* spring/summer cleaning of my room.  *sigh*  (My SALES page is updated please share the link and spread the word, thanks!)
My weekends are loaded as well with attending choir and meeting friends.  In between there are chores to do like the laundry, ironing, light-cooking and errands here and there.
 I really hope I have more time in my hands.

Scrapping is now falling under all these tasks but I'm still glad I can still scrap! A hobby I almost gave up:)
School starts tomorrow! Let's welcome the week with a good cheer!


PS  My mareng S is also doing some spring cleaning, she's giving away lots of butterflies, head on to her blog now!

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