Saturday, September 10, 2011

Flower power

This tutorial has been long overdue, I'm supposed to  post this last year and somehow forgot about it.  I was cleaning up my files and saw these photos in a folder so why not post it anyway?
For sure you've seen tutorials on this, so just bear with me, at least I got to update my blog LOL
The tools: crimping tool, scissors, precision file tool or a stick, glue dots, inkpad

cut out the pieces: a flower, circle shape (one is enough), leaves, everything here was cut freehand  no need to cut perfectly =)
Curt around the circle shape using decorative scissors or plain scissors  (I showed 2 circles to show the different effect with a decorative scissors), ink the edges to add  definition to the rose
Loop the circle around the stick until you reach the center of the circle
Add a glue dot to secure the paper rose, set aside
curl the ends of the flower shape using a precision tool or a stick
Attach the paper rose to the curled flower using glue dots
You now have a paper rose!

crimp the leaves to add texture, alternatively you can just score if you don't have a crimping tool
Assemble the pieces together, tadah!
A lovely embellishment to your scrappy projects!
Here's the link to my sample pages with these flowers:

Happy weekend!!!

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