Wednesday, September 07, 2011

of pinwheels and lollies

 It took me quite a while to decide on the baby shower banner.  I initially thought of the diaper as  my theme.  I saw some samples of real nappies used as banners but I thought of the difficulty putting it up on display...  and I'm not confident I can make it cute enough  LOL

I want my banner to be at least a bit different from the traditional banners and I want it to be 3D.  So instead of the traditional horizontal banners, I made it vertical.  I used the pinwheels to make it 3D!  The kids and I had fun making the pinwheels.  It was a perfect windy day at that time so I made lots and lots of them in different colors! (you can search in you tube how to make these pinwheels using pipe cleaners)

The souvenir samples on the web are overwhelming, but these washcloth lollipops made it on top of my list for practicality, availability,  and cuteness :)  (and did I mention it's cheap?)

I used safety pins to secure my rolled washcloths, punched out the thank you notes attached to the sticks and then put them all in the the gift bags and tied them up. Fun and easy!

Most of my supplies (except washcloths) are bought from Daiso, don't you just love Daiso!

My next post is the guestbook/altered project :)
Thanks again!

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