Thursday, October 27, 2011

Photo wall

I saw a sample photo wall in Ikea while my housemates and I are looking out for nice-to-haves for our new home.  It's a mix of 20 or more colored photo frames but instead of photos, colorful fabrics were slipped inside the frames.  The frames are quite cheap so it's a wall art that is so worth the bucks.
I was thinking of copying the same concept but using patterned paper instead of fabric.  My housemate stopped me from buying and told me he has a few of those frames which I can use instead.
After some brainstorming, the photos won over! as what I expected LOL

Few pieces were already worn out so I opted to just use 4 with our 4R photos. 
I was lucky enough to find matching cardstock to mat my photos and so I just added our chipboard monograms layered with chipboard tags.  Project done!
My next project is a shadow frame with a little twist.  Goodluck to me!

S.o H.appy I.t's T.hursday!

Marix :)

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