Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baptism Party

Under the weather again mainly due to unpredictable climate we have nowadays.
Anyway, on with the party last week.
It was a pink, yellow and blue theme party.  I made a lay-out for Baby Reese using an A4 clear acrylic sheet.  Since the trend nowadays is the paper accordion medallion or paper rosettes, I added some accents to the page.

The banner was also made from large paper medallions using doilies as centers. 

And here's the cutie cake made by Jinky.

A paper medallion center piece, the medallion stick was layered with cupcake liners to add texture and color. The chupa chups layered with hand-cut paper flower shapes were added as accents.

The cake pops and marshmallows were decorated with small pennants as accents.

I was short in time so the decorations were very minimal and simple.

Thanks again for the visit!

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