Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Display nook

I just hopped to Elsie's blog and read about Rachel's  post on displaying photos.  I would like to share something similar  which I did inside my room
I mentioned about creating a display corner for my LOs and was actually planning to install a rod where I would hang my favorite and recent ones.
But a trip to Daiso changed my plan when I saw these pants hanger. It  works like a clamp without the bulky clips, and I like it.

I used ordinary page protectors and joined 3 pieces together using binding rings and clip-ons.  Also from Daiso.

And here's my display corner

It's simple and cheap!
I'm a bit busy preparing for decorations for my friend's bday party this coming Saturday.  I have so many things in mind but just scouting for (cheap) materials is giving me a problem.  How I wish I can shop around without thinking about the budget.

I was able to make an LO last weekend, coming up on my next post.

Another rainy Tuesday, stay safe everyone.

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Genevive said...

love it Marix!, someday if we have house na gagayahin ko yan hehe ...