Monday, November 07, 2011

I came, I saw...

I Smurfed!
It's not just a moon, it's a blue moon, once in a blue moon...
Our white and blue themed party  last Saturday night was a total blast!
Less than two weeks of planning and preparation, but the tension and hardwork was worth of all the fun and praises we got :)
As always I'm in charge of the decorations, it's a Smurf theme but the celebrant wanted pompoms (the ones I made for my friends' wedding last year) so I mixed the elegant looking pompoms with the smurf theme hehehe

The hanging garlands around the chandelier were circle punched papers stitched together using my sewing machine. I'm loving the effect!

But the center of attraction was the Smurf topsy turvy cake by my friend Jinky! Finally she's back to baking!  See more of her creations at her blog the Sweet Lyf   This  cake was baked with sooo much love!  Can't imagine how difficult it is to create such a master piece. All 3 layers were made with real cakes, top layer was strawberry cream cheese, mid layer was a mix of white and brown chocolate, and the base was chocolate. The mushroom and all smurfs except Vanity (on top) were handcrafted using fondant.

The cupcakes were also oh so yummy, tastes like Whammos!  I printed the smurf head image and punched with circle punch accented with small prima flowers to make as cake toppers.  The flower sprinkles were made from fondant, my first time to play with fondant and oh boy it wasn't easy!

The favors were small containers filled with vanilla and blue berry jelly beans, topped again with smurf head image.
We also added table accents using plastic wine glasses filled with blue and silver kisses.  I initially planned to add in smurf sayings on each kisses similar to the concept of  fortune kisses but time was not on my side LOL.

The banner was also handmade using blue plastic plates and hand-cut letters.

 I also made a DIY photo booth, using blue fabric  lined with white crepe papers.

 I sew smurf hats adapting the concept from this link. I added a flower for Vanity hat,  used red felt for Papa Smurf and added a blonde curly wig for Smurfette. I scored additional props from Daiso, like the mirror for Vanity and the spectacles for Brainy Smurf!  Here are the sample photos we took the night before the party heehee

The guests also had fun with the photo booth!  Who says playing dress-up is only for are some of the fun photo booth takes at the party!

Is this fun or what!


Genevive said...

super fun!!!!! ang galing naman mayrix! :) cute ng theme .. kaka inggit! :) :):) happy birthday Josh!

salme said...

Ang galing galing naman nito, Marix!!! Winner!

Becky said...

I'm planning a smurf birthday for my son in April - WOW!!! Thanks for sharing all of your awesome creations! I'm very impressed and amazed. Bookmarking this post now....Thanks again (I found it by Googling "smurf banner" - go figure...).