Friday, December 23, 2011

December Daily 2011 - Day 22

pre-Christmas syndrome - sick leave
* constipated maybe due to stress?
* stressed some more due to "one of those" doctor  (yeah I surfed the net to sympathize with myself LOL, read on his experience, I roughly had the same conversation)
* stomach suddenly went haywire by the medicines *alamah!... sabotage?*
* got a call from the office and an sms from my super with opposing instructions *duh*
* my camera instax conked out on me - just realized I did not register the warranty waaaah
* my feet aches again
* still few more gifts to buy, and also the ingredients for my biko and kutsinta
* raining sporadically.. hate the rainy season... did I mention I hate rain
* room is in chaos... papers, tissues, scraps, plastics, batteries and falling hair on the floor, yucks!

Is it really 2 more days to go?

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