Thursday, December 01, 2011

December Daily 2011 - Day 1

I've tried last year but it didn't materialize, am trying again this year, let's see how it goes ;)

Since I've been stressed and sick in the past few days I wasn't able to drop by at my LSS to shop for materials for my December Daily.  I'll just see what I can do with what I have from my stash.

I've read about one idea to write in your blog to serve as your December Daily. Just like hitting two birds with one stone. Most of the scrappers are caught up with Facebook and Twitter that they are too busy to post in their blogs.  I've been one of them the past year.  But now I see the greater value of blogging than FB-ing, maybe it's just me but FB tired me out.
Anyway you can also check out Ali's inspiration ideas  for your December Daily if you intend to pursue this project this year.  Good luck to us!

Since I'm warming up, below is my initial entry, let's just see what I will include in the page, a photo? or something else?  I will update later, I hope ;)

6:58 AM  eagerly waiting for my alarm which is scheduled 7AM and 7:10AM  (snooze can't fool me LOL)
7:10 AM  final call of the alarm but my body is still attached to the sofa
7:30 AM bath time
7:50 AM off to the bus stop
8:10 AM went to DBS to deposit our monthly rental, queued but was dismayed that both machines only allow passbook updates, I hate DBS next to Standard Chartered :(
8:40 AM queued for bus 70
8:50 AM at the office door and realized I forgot my ID, (strike 2)
10:00 AM asked by my colleague to proof read with her a rather long manual, almost lost my voice there
11:40 AM  manager went off for a training at our branch office, wooohoooo happy day again
... to be continued


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