Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Daily 2011 - Day 13


It's a post birthday dinner treat by miss friendship V at Din Tai Fung in Somerset 313.  Though it's only Tuesday, the place was a bit crowded since this place is popular because of it's signature dish, the juicy succulent dumplings.
We chatted like the usual and take lots of photos in between our meal.  We are just halfway to our meal when the waiter served the dessert ... well almost.  He accidentally spilled the dessert (almond jelly with iced caramel syrup) to our bags.  Both of us immediately grabbed our bags, I was worried about my camera, while miss V was worried about her Coach bag, at least she was holding on to her camera.  The exterior of my bag was messed up,  my instax camera was spilled with the jelly (thank God the lens were shut), thankfully my new camera was spared.  (I'll write about my new camera later on *winks*)   One side of Miss V's bag was messed by the caramel syrup so you can just imagine her reaction LOL.  The damage was done but I guess my mood wasn't that bad that day, or maybe because I'm not carrying my Coach or Kate Spade bag  =),  I laughed off  the incident to cool her down. The manager offered to clean and dry the bag for her and our desserts were free of charge.  We were not able to finish our meal though but the jelly desserts were yummy.
Since we're at Orchard we strolled along the sidewalk to take more photos of the Christmas decorations.
It was an overall memorable and jolly-jelly-filled bonding.  =)))


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