Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Gadget binge

Who doesn't hunger for hi-tech gadgets in this high-tech world we live in?
I'm not a fan of iPad, but when iPad 2 came out I was craving to get one.  But the hype died down in less than a month, thankfully!
Now that my 3 year old Epson Photo printer is dying, I've been contemplating on my options. Should I get a similar one? maybe something that can accommodate 12x12 pages? like this?

or should I get a portable printer like this?

how about this cute on-the go printer by Fuji, which is recommended by Amy.  You can read her post here.

And then what's so good about printers if my photos are just plain if not an eye-sore LOL
I have this old Canon powershot camera that cannot even live up to the photos taken by my iPhone 4... yes most of the photos you see here are taken by my iPhone.
So while I was surfing the web I came across Olympus Pen mini, another dream of mine, should I? will I? can I? hehehe

for the meantime, you can expect more instax prints for my December Daily using my adorable Fujifilm Instant Camera 50S Piano black

For the images in my posts I use my iPhone 4 and I use Pic Stitch app (Free!!!) before I upload.
The album kit is from Yellow Bicycle, with add-ons from other brands.
I'm having fun with my December Daily, let's do it!


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Liza said...

go! go! go! on teh december daily marix! :D ako nga kahit di maka-post regularly habol lang habol sa pag-upload. will just do the layouts later when i get the time. :D