Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Once a scrapper..

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always a scrapper...

The first quarter of the year is almost over...
Cards done = 1
Guestbook done = 1
LO done = 1  yes!!!

so here's my very first LO for year 2012...
my friend Iza is celebrating her birthday today!  Happy Birthday!!!

I chose the papers sometime ago, it was quite fast to choose since I don't want to spend too much time rummaging through my papers, though I only have a "few" now =)
I browse through old magazines to find a sketch or an inspiration.  Nada!  I still can't move!
Jinky advised me to just browse my blog and see my past LOs and just copy/lift from there.  Which I thought was a bright idea, but instead I browsed through the bloggerifics roll!  Then I slept on it LOL
One Sunday afternoon, I started trimming, cutting, stamping, punching and pasting (doesn't have the courage to start misting again)
I'm quite satisfied with the outcome, but I soooo missed misting!

and before I go, here's a glimpse of my mini lalaloopsy craziness ;)

 Where are you going Jewel?  ... 
"I bought popcorn and popsicles for my sisters!"
... and the saga continues LOL
popcorn stand and accessories and the bike are from the line of Sylvanian families, same dimension for mini Lalaloopsy!  (will definitely cause a big dent in my wallet hehehe) 

Thanks for visiting my blog! ... a total of 29,281 views all time history for my blog ( I guess half is mine LOL)... big big hugs to all of you!


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