Saturday, March 24, 2012

Smile from your heart

I got tons of projects to do at the office but I guess my mind is leaning towards the weekend!  So I sneaked in some time to make this digital LO, yey!  
Credits: Tricia Chapman designs - papers, circle tag; Meredith Fenwick designs- owl; Vinnie Pierce designs - citrus borders; Betsy Tuma - bottlecap words; Michelle Underwood - bookplate; Polkadot Pixels - flowers, ribbon, lace; Jessica Sprague - journal card; ShabbyPrincess - brads; Giddyup - Font

Thanks to mareng s for the fun photos!  I  really miss  our scrap sessions, the bonding, the fun and of course the food! 

... after finishing this LO I head down to the city (Dhouby Ghaut)  to drop by at one of our LSS to claim my membership card (working on the north side seems to be too far to the CBD area)
I went straight to PM and inquired about my card which I'm suppose to claim and I got confused if I'm suppose to redeem it at that branch or at Raffles City... so I asked politely where  to claim while giving her my IC,  the lady at the counter  (which is a bit familiar , that I presumed could be one of the big bosses from their mother company, with her sophisticated and "aloof" look) smirked at me with a remark asking me to check the message I received on my phone... well assuming that I still have the message since I remember receiving the message a long time ago... the humble me politely obliged and searched for the message on my phone... found the message and indeed it was supposed to be at Raffles... so I apologized as she returned my card while reiterating to me with the same look on her face that I'm supposed to collect it at Raffles as stated in the message, as if I'm the dumbest person on earth that wasted her precious time... So I turned away... with a "B*tch" bubble on my head LOL ...I never really liked their customer service.
 I still roamed around the shop just to check the stuff I've been missing and of course the prices for comparison. Less than 5 minutes I went out and  headed upstairs to MWL.  Though the ambiance is not the same as before, the warmth, the feeling of being "at home" has long been gone, I still feel at ease when shopping there.  After scouring each and every nook of the shop, adding and removing stuff on my shopping basket, thinking twice and asking myself "is this useful? do I really need this?", I finally went to the counter and paid for these stuff. 

While looking at these,  I've been thinking of ways to justify my loot! And here's one...  =)

I read somewhere about plastic cameras altered using MT, so I did it for my Diana! the edges are not so perfect but I liked the new look!  hmmm this could start my MT madness... I'm really not a fan of MT but I'm starting to like them for my Diana *winks*

That's all for now! Sorry for venting...again, been doing it quite often, I'm really getting old! LOL
Happy weekend!
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