Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where art thou mojo?

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Last Sunday was our much awaited mini scrapmeet with CJ and Bebang.  Since it was held in our place I invited my friends to join in, but only one of them actually scrapped LOL
I guess they are not the only ones that are mojoless since I only managed to scrap one LO.
It was really frustrating *sigh*
I'm not satisfied with the result as well (went crazy with stickles LOL), though I was happy to do a bit of misting again.

Thanks Bebang for the die cuts! =)

Also, my December Daily  2011 is almost done, yeah only now hahaha I will do a review on that later on ;)

I guess I have to push myself further to bring back that burning passion again hehehe

Thanks Bebang and CJ for the time, until our next scrapmeet! =)
And to our scrappers@sg friends we miss you!!!

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Genevive said...

thank you din Marix for the time, place, super yummy food na sumira sa aking diet lol... definitely there will be a next time :) this month... cant wait!!!

*wala akon makita na photo low signal ata dito sa amin :( balikan ko nalang