Friday, September 07, 2012

Another bare album

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CJ and I attended this class last month.  The finished product was really eyecatching, lots of pages, textures and it's quite unique. 
The kit contents are actually worth the money but during the class all we did was cut, trim, fold and glue the pieces together. There was even a point I wanted to give up hahaha 
I was kind of hoping a bit of technique will be shared to us. But none, except maybe I learned the binding process using the trim, fold and glue method ;)
Well thanks to the bubbly instructor, Grace, helped us in the strenuous process of trimming and folding.
We managed to finish the album construction with a little overtime.  And so all the designing are all up to us, take home assignment ;)
I'm hoping this album will not be bare forever hahaha
BTW our new challenge is up at UnitedScrappers, hopefully I can cook up something this weekend. 

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Genevive said...

sa susunod nating crop turuan mo kami how to make nyan! heheheh :P