Friday, September 14, 2012

Decorate your life with joy

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Special thanks to Bebang for this awesome die-cuts. Works perfectly for my layout ;)

I'm so happy to use my paper scraps again!  Do you still remember these flowers?  This is a pink paislee pp, paper-cutting was such a bliss!  I also did a very very mild misting to add color to my LO.

I was able to scrap again last Wednesday, finishing my backlogs. Yipee!
I used this new Norino tape glue I bought for only $4+, including 3 re-fills! How neat is that!
I'm not a fan of dotted glue tapes, but this baby glides through with ease.  Am thinking of hoarding this the next time I dropped by at Popular.

It's a no-gimmick Friday for me so I'm going to head home later and scrap away!

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