Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Invitation

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Sorry I can't find the templates for this invite anymore.  Here are some more details on how we did the invite.
This invite is a two-piece set, one tag and one envelope.  
1. Tag is a rectangle shaped with rounded edges, our size is around 2.5"x4.5" just make sure your wordings will fit inside the tag. Since I find it difficult to print directly in the tag, I printed the wordings on parchment paper. Instead of cutting, I tear the wordings and edged with brown ink to make it look antique.  If you can find the bunny image online use them and align with the wordings, stamping and embossing that bunny was a major mistake for me since it took forever =D, though the outcome was lovely.  The wordings were glued on the back of the tag while in front it just says "Read me" we just made sure the line above will fit inside the keyhole of the envelope.  The line was meant to write in the name of the guest. Just add ribbons and charms to the tag.

2. Envelope is slightly bigger than the tag. It is a trial and error especially with the keyhole. Draw in a scrap paper and once you're happy with the shape go for it! Draw the pattern, cut and glue to form the envelope. We used plain paper for the title (Name of the celebrant and occasion) and again tear it, edged with brown ink before gluing to the top part of the envelope. Decorate with flowers. The edges of the envelope were heat embossed with gold.  To save time you can just use gold pen though of course the effect is different.

I've been busy lately so no scrapping time for me.  I have a few projects in line so my mojo should start charging very soon.

Meanwhile here's the Alice in Wonderland invitation that we finished for my friend's niece.
The layout is designed by the celebrant herself.  I just did a few tweaks and touch-ups and showed her the prototype.  Once approved we immediately started the production!  We finished 80 pcs! whew!

The envelopes were manually cut and assembled, the edges were highlighted with embossing pen and heat embossed with Antique gold embossing powder.  The paper roses and leaves were imported all the way from Bangkok Thailand.

Key charms imported all the way from Divisoria Philippines ;)

The details were laser printed in parchment paper while the bunny was stamped and heat embossed.

The final invitation!

Thanks for dropping by! Enjoy the rest of the week!


KatieG said...

Hi, I came across your blog post while looking for "key" invitations I would like to get for alice in wonderland sort of themed 30th bday. Can you provide details on how you made these invites?

Berenice rosales said...

Hi I came across these they're so unique I would like to attempt to make them can you please provide me with some details on how you made them thanks :)

Chelsea said...

Did you use thin parchment "baking" paper or parchment-colored 24lb paper for these invitations? I would really appreciate the information!! :)