Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween goblets

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It was a last minute call for a visit to the kiddos last weekend.  So when I saw these plastic goblets selling for 3 pcs for $10, ideas started to spark.  Since Halloween is coming I might as well bring them some sweet treats!
I whipped up these Halloween goblets in just 15 minutes!

It's a good thing I have left over Halloween stash, these silver stickers are perfect for my goblets.

I bought candies as fillers, cut-out some skulls as toppers for the M&Ms mini canisters and covered lollipops with tissues to look like ghosts.

The bat candy bar...  I stumbled on a photo when I was googling for ideas but the link was broken
So I just created this using that photo as an inspiration...

Since the bat wings are longer than the width of the candy bar, I cut a slit on the side to tuck in the wing and just overlapped the other wing attached with adhesive.

Ellis, the little girl was fascinated with this bat, I can still recall her oohs and aahs when she discovered there's a chocolate bar inside =)

I searched pinterest and found this link, so you might want to check her version which is neater.

Before I left the kiddos house, the candies were all gone!!!  I also gave them Yakult because it's their favorite, the funny thing is they filled their goblets with Yakult and had a toast!

Those cuteness I miss!

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