Monday, December 17, 2012

December Daily 2012 - Day 15

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Super fun, wacky Christmas Party with the Angelus Choir held at Teresa Ville. I cooked dinuguan and puto the night before as our packed lunch since as we prepared for the event. I also had a short swim at the pool and it felt like ages since I last took a dip. Then barbecue time, amidst the rain we hung on and finished cooking.

It was a short notice on the decor, so it was simple and conveniently bought from Daiso. Except for this wall decor which I cut from ordinary bond paper and pasted in a shiny green cartolina. Then I forgot about the star, so came the red plastic plate to the rescue. I free-hand cut the star which looked more like a starfish LOL

Then the party started, we had great laughs on the games like Hep Hep Hurray, the Shembot and the classic Pinoy henyo. For a twist I asked the teams to prepare a short cheer number for us and all of them gamely thought of a good cheer. There was the Chacharap dance number, the "Kimberly" cheer, the 2 x 2 and the pretty/sexy cheer. We also had our gift grabbing!

And to capped of the night.... group photos!


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