Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Daily 2012 - Day 6

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It's Christmas time in the city....
We had a visitor all the way from UK!  I met Elvie and her family, (such adorable kids she has!) when I went there on a holiday.  She came here for a short visit so we took her to Orchard for some photo takes.
We first had dinner at Thai Express in Paragon.  It has been a while since I last ate there, so I ordered my usual Phat Thai.  Am a bit disappointed as it's not tasty as it used to be. *sigh*
The desserts however came to the rescue,  the mango sticky rice and the tapioca with coconut milk were a big hit for us. Yummy!

Then we strolled along Orchard to take photos of the shimmering, splendid display of Christmas decorations!

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