Thursday, January 17, 2013

Display box for Lalaloopsy

Sorry if I'm MIA in scrapping but I did finish 3 more LOs for framing, sized 12x16.  They are my friends request as gifts and since he was on a hurry we forgot to take photos.

So my December Daily was on a halt because of a project I have in mind.  Display box for my mini lalaloopsy! Yay!

Don't you just love the internet!
Just like most of you, I lurk Pinterest and You Tube, and how many times do you Google in a day?

First a shout-out to the awesome ladies who pinned my projects, thank you for appreciating my craftiness!  Some of my visitors are via Pinterest and most of them are from Google.

Since my dolls are already cramped in my boxes I created another 2 more display boxes ( I'll show the other one on my next post.).  I stumbled on one project by froggystuff a long time ago, so I bookmarked her videos and used her turorials in some of my DIY dollhouse stuff.

I scouted materials from Daiso, my all time favorite store!
Here are the raw materials...

wooden storage box, pieces of wood, pegs, furniture leg covers, sponges and mini LED lights ...

plus materials I have on hand like toothpicks, buttons, beads, fabric, ribbons, scrapbook papers, paints

and this is the outcome...

My mini pet shop... finally a place where the pets can be displayed.  After doing this I realized I'm missing Berry's cow pet. *sigh*

The wooden storage boxes were painted with MM paints (BTW what happened to MM?), wallpaper are old scrapbook papers, flooring is a self-adhesive paper scraps from Basic Grey, my spare from this mini album.

The bird stand is made of toothpicks, buttons and bead.  Got the tutorial from froggystuff

The shelves are square/rectangle furniture leg covers made of rubber, I just added scrapbook paper as backing and then stacked them.

For the dome light (really lights up!), I just added beads around it to make it look more like a ceiling light.

Chair is an old find from Daiso.

My hype for this display boxes triggered me to make a mini dollhouse for Ellis.  It's currently in progress! Yey!  I already made a bed, the other stuff I'm still brainstorming.  I'll also show you that on my coming posts.

I'll be taking a short break next week coz am going back to the Philippines.  Will definitely scout some crafty materials there =)

Thanks for the visit!

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Genevive said...

grabe pano mo nagawa yang lights lights galore :) ang kyooot talaga ng box :) !!!