Monday, January 14, 2013

Lalaloopsy Addict

ETA: If you stumbled into this post, you might be interested with my DIY Lalaloopsy dollhouse.  Thanks for dropping by!
There I said it!

I only started collecting last year and my collection grew to 40 mini lalaloopsy dolls!
And they come from different places!
Thanks to mareng S who gave me Tuffet Miss Muffet and Curls n Locks all the way from Australia!

Curls n Locks is on my top 3, I love her yellow hair and yellow dress!

Then I bought Berry and Pete Can Fly when I took a vacation in the Philippines! Plus a cute souvenir pedicab that fits perfectly for my minis!

And my biggest splurge so far was in UK when I stepped into a toy store somewhere in Brighton.
They sell multi packs so I got around 15 of them. Duplicates of Mittens, Bea, Marina and Pepper and the newbies Lady Stillwaiting, Sir Battlescarred, Ace Fender Bender, Patch, Blossom, Peppy, Ember, Mango, Dyna, Feather and Swirly

The past holiday as I was shopping for gifts for the kids, I always look for minis that might be available.  And I spotted Harmony!  She's my second favorite, she bumped Curls n Locks to no. 3 LOL

Now who's my number 1?
It's Bun Bun Sticky Icing!  I love her cinnamon dress and her freckles are adorable!

In my obsession to collect all of them which proved to be difficult since only a few are available here in Singapore, I opted to the next best place.  On-line!
Amazon is a bit fickle, sometimes it allows international shipping sometimes it doesn't so I have difficulty combining purchases so I opted to Ebay.
The price are of course doubled, even tripled, quadrupled and then there's the shipping charges. Arghhh

So my first try was Sunny Side Up, she's a second edition and I don't think she's still available at the toy stores so her rarity made me click that confirm button, LOL!
I scored her for USD15 inc shipping, not bad since here they sell each minis for SGD12.95

After I got hold of her in just 10 days, the on-line frenzy started.
I was scouting for more, then abiik my friend in Manila, told me she has a gift.  It's the ice cream playset! I almost bought that at fishpond.  So I didn't hesitate to ask her if there are other items available.

She went to Toys R Us and started taking photos.  I chose to have Alice and Wacky, Cinder and Prince, and I was torn between the other multipacks.  Ember's cute dalmatian won me over only to realize that the other multipack was Blossom and Charlotte! I don't have Charlotte yet, so now you know what's on the top of my list when I go back home soon!

As if that wasn't enough, I once again lurked ebay.  To help me keep track, I even created a worksheet of my collection. Yeah addict!
So I have a total of 40, with 34 characters and 6 are editions.
Halfway to go LOL, yep to-date they have a total of 85 characters including the little ones!
Got the info from wiki.  And now I know what to look out for.  I wanted to complete the Fairytale series but the price of those are absurd.  Then I saw Little Bah Peep, she looks adorable with her bonnet and two pet sheep so click it is! hehehe
Then I suddenly had an interest on exclusive Target series.  Cotton Hoppalong is sooo adorable! I think she's rare because I can't even find her in ebay. I also like Holly but again the price is stopping me.  Then I found an exclusive lot! Last year's holiday collection, Sprouts, Scraps and Ivory! I calculated the total cost and when it showed SGD15 for each, click once again! LOL
Oh men, crazy clicker that's me!
While waiting for my new minis, I started listing my top must  haves.  Wish wish wish that they will be available in Manila.
1. Coral  *she just bumped Charlotte to number 2 LOL
7. Suzette
8. Scarlet

ETA: 04 July 2013
Yey! Just completed my must haves two nights ago when I found Snowy and Scarlet at Isetan NEX! To-date I have a total of 58 minis! Now I'm on a hunt for the cake collection ;)

and the only boy I'm missing... Forest  *a real tough luck if I find him

Just last night I googled mini lalaloopsy, I was actually looking for cute photos of them so I joined the mini lalaloopsy group in Flickr. By the way they also have the Lala-oopsies series, cousins of Lalaloopsies, I'm not there yet ;)
Then back to google I saw Dollop, what?  And the linked pointed to wiki. OMG! There's a new collection coming up! It's a cake collection! Yummy cuteness!
From the teaser, I have my eyes on Dollop, love  her two small pony-tailed yellow hair! and Fancy with her seafoam dress and cute mouse pet.

I don't think I can keep up with this hahahaha 
Anyway here are some more photos of my minis.

Bun bun





am now chanting Lalaloopsy mini Lalaoopsy mini Lalaloopsy mini LOL

I have 2 new play boxes that I finished, I now have 7 to display these minis...will share that soon!


Jona Panesa said...

ang cute ng collection mo!!! I need two, to sit on my pink sofa. BI ka! lol!

Leah Bautista said...

my daughter ( 5 year old ) and I just started collecting mini Lalaloopsy ... I got into ur blog and saw ur big collections I was ohhh myyy she has a lot !!!

Benga said...

Hi Leah! Thanks for dropping by! They're just so cute and irresistible, I'm sure your daughter can't get enough of them ;)
I'm now hunting for the latest series, the Golden Brick Road Collection, have fun collecting!

Leah Bautista said...

Hello there we just got last week the Golden Brick Collection at Toy R Us ..... good luck on hunting :) i hope u get to buy 'em ALL :) btw I'm on Flicker , see u there ...

Mas Widya said...

Hi i would like to find out when u bought the bundles online how did the packaging came in?

Benga said...

Hi Mas Widya,
Thank you for dropping by.
All items are in the original boxes unless it was specified as "loose" items. The package usually comes in a box wherein each lala box are bubble wrapped.
Some sellers used padded envelopes, for those less than 2 items.
Hope I answered your question :)

Deehellseven said...

Wow! I adore your mini Lalaloopsy collection! I just started with my first Lalaloopsy today ^^ I love how they look so fun and happy when put altogether like in the first picture said...

Oh my god, I LOVE them!
On my search for our daughters perfect birthday present, I found out about Lalaloopsys. They are too cute!
Are you still collecting them?

Sadly, there are only a few different dolls for sale in Germany and they are mostly UK imports. I don't know why they aren't selling them here.
I'll get a large one, plus some clothes, for our daughter (the Sand E. Starfish) and I just know, that it wont be the last one. I must have them all! :D
I hope she'll love them too.

Best wishes from Germany