Monday, February 04, 2013

DIY Lalaloopsy dollhouse

This is a photo-heavy post so brace yourself...

I made this for my favorite girl Ellis!

This is the free lunch box I got from AMK Hub the past holiday season.

I just decorated the outer cover with her name, butterfly and ribbons for the handle.

Thankfully the inside is already lined with pretty pattern.

Here's the overview of the finished Dollhouse

The living room
The bird decals are Hambly screen prints, woodframe and sticker are from my scrap stash, the sofa is made of sponges, the pillows are cottons wrapped in fabric tape.

The table is a rubber furniture leg cover altered with ribbon trims and the vase is miniature bottle with paper flowers and leaves.

the wall clock is a watch keychain

The lampshade is a battery operated tea light that I wrapped with vellum and decorated with trim.

 The ceiling light is a battery operated dome light decorated with ribbon trim, I attached a magnet to make it detachable.

The bedroom
The bed is made of sponges covered in fabric, blanket and pillow made of felt and trims.

Frame and sticker is from my scrap stash, the stars glow in the dark!, the mini teddy is a cellphone charm.

the vanity chair is a perfume bottle cap decorated with yarn.

Curtain is made of fabric, ribbons, stick and beads

 I made a separate platform for the bedroom so it can be carried out of the dollhouse, the vanity chestbox is made of stacked medicine case.

The Kitchen and dining area

The stools are made of large buttons and wooden pinch clips as legs, kitchen table is made of acrylic and film case decorated with washi and ribbon.

 The mini accessories can fit righ inside the film case for storage =)

oven and sink are from lalaloopsy, I just added a towel holder and waste basket.

Here's another look of the living room and bedroom

Here's how they are stored inside.

And it's done!

Credits goes to froggystuff and kranknconcepts for the ideas and tutorials on bed, sofa and using wooden pinch.

If I have time I'll try to make some crafty valentine projects.  Thanks for the visit!


Keely McNeill said...

That is so Lalalovely!! I love that idea!

Briar said...

Amazing!!! Very creative!! Well done!

Mk said...

love this so much! thx for the idea!

karasclassroom said...
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karasclassroom said...

I love this! I made a trick or treat street my daughter's lalaloopsy dolls you can see it here

hollyshome said...

This is so clever and cute. I would love to make one for my granddaughter. Thank you for sharing.

OneMommy said...

Now I have a reason to take that old lunch box from my MIL's house.... This is too cute!


Eve said...

Miraculously delicious!
Thanks for posting!
My kids and I are going to have a blast using some of your ideas to make a gift for a friend.

Maya Blueberrygirl said...

Hello! Is a great work. So beautiful and cute!!!


ans aarsema said...

Wow! I love this!

cupcakecutie said...

Just gorgeous and so inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

Eve said...

LOVE THIS! Thank you SO much for sharing all the details!
We're going to make something like this with all the girls at my daughter's birthday party.

When you say "fabric tape" are you referring to duct tape?

Benga said...

Hi ladies thanks for the lovely comments!
Hi Eve, fabric tapes are strips of fabric which has sticky side underneath. They are available at craft stores.
I'm just lazy to do stitching so I opted to use them =)

Kaylin Jennings said...

How do you make it?

Sara Giambruno said...

i love the lalaloopsy dollhouse! it's sew cute!

Dpoole said...

This is so cute! Where can I get a lunchbox like you used?

K. Hutton said...

Very creative. Kudos to you. How long did it take to complete?

Benga said...

Thank you for the lovely comments, I think one day would be enough to complete this. I'm a procastinator so it took me a long time =)

You can find the paper lunch box at stationary or craft shops.
Or recycle a shoebox maybe?

cookiesandawkwardness22 said...

I wanted to make something for my little cousin..she loves it when i make handmade gifts for her and i wanted to make a little carry dollhouse for her and this was just the idea i needed... :)
Beautifully done btw..

LaSchnuffte said...

This is so cool!! I ll make one for my Boys and there lego toys.

chasingmissrainbow said...

So cute and practical! Now I know why it was a hit!

Sara Inguanti Finkler said...

This is so creative and cute! Thanks for making this post!