Monday, March 04, 2013

Hello March 2013!

I've been way too lazy or uninspired to scrap anything.  But I still do something creative to keep my sanity.

I've attended an art workshop at the Library to freshen up my rusty mojo.  It was quite liberating to do something "artsy" no matter how ugly it may turn out, it's still worth the process =)

So here's what I did in less than 2 hours using paints and pastels. The main objective is to "Upcycle" so most of the images were cut from old magazines and books.

 After doing this I was thinking about doing an art journal.  I've been trying new things, experimenting here and there and such variety makes me happy.

Downside is I'm still blocked on how to pull out another party decoration coming very soon! Better start now, so wish me luck!

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