Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lara Turns One!

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The much anticipated party just happened last week.
Time really flies, it seems like yesterday when I decorated for her Dad and Mom's wedding, then the Baby Shower, the Baptism and now her first birthday!

We suggested a lollipop themed party with a candy/dessert table in which Leslie, her Mom agreed.  She liked the idea so much that she went hyper and started buying tons of candies!!!
The theme switched a bit to "Candy Crush" themed party, since the game is soooo popular now!

She delivered the candies along with the jars some of which are recycled jars from CNY goodies at our place a few weeks before.  I was a bit worried that the ants might feast on them, instead we are the ones who were tempted and sampled a "few" candies LOL

these photos were taken from the guests flicker album

I prefer the all-clear jars but since there are tons of candies, I also made use of the jars with red covers and just altered with patterned papers.  The pps are from a scrapbook paper pad I bought at  Smiggle (so cute and yummy papers!).  I used my circle cutter,  letter stamps and the pps to make the labels.

Oh and the labels are patterned after the invitation.

The text were printed and cut manually (font is Janda Quirkygirl). The stick is an actual lollipop/cake pop stick.  I only made a few of these as we opted to do the invites via FB and email.

The birthday banner was made using colored papers cut using the circle cutter, while the alphabets were printed in outline format using Bubble Letters font which I manually cut.  I attached each piece using ribbons.

The LO and guest book were impromptu add-ons that I did the night before the party.  Thankfully I have an extra frame.  Again I used Smiggle papers and some stickers/embellishments from my stash.

I forgot to take a photo of the guestbook but her Mom showed me a video of Lara giggling over her guestbook =)

And of course the cake was beautifully executed by Jinky.  We had a bit of discussion with Mom since she insisted on the ice cream on top which we thought was off the theme. But she's the Mom so on with the ice cream hehehe

My biggest dilemma was how to make giant lollipops,  I googled and found ideas using ordinary round balloons covered with plastic sheet, but it was a bit bland for me.  There were those who used painted paper plates to mimic the swirly lollipop, which I found too tedious.  Then there were those who used pool noodles/tubes used for swimming which I can't find here.  So I attempted to make a lollipop balloon!  After several popping attempts I managed to finish 5 to 6 pieces.

chubby me ;)

They are covered with plastic sheets and tied with a ribbon and the stick is made of rolled white cartolina with ribbon.

We also made versions without the paper stick, just like these.

I was surprised that my ever reliable angels (assistants) learned how to twist the balloons when I demo for them once.

The backdrop was made of colored crepe papers, for ease of installation I asked my angels to secure them on the plastic table cover.  Then the balloons were tied in a ribbon and attached on top.
The pennant banner was made of gift wrapping paper, I just manually cut and strung together using ribbon.
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It is a bit difficult to execute backdrops when we are strictly instructed to only use blue tack and nothing else.  Thankfully it was able to hold the backdrop until the party lasted.

During the set-up we realized it can also serve as a photo booth.
upper right & bottom left are photos from Jinky

It was another fun-filled and hyper party due to candy overload LOL.  The guests young and old enjoyed packing their own take-home candies from Lara's Candy Shoppe!

Happy birthday to our princess Baby Lara!

Sorry for the "orange" photos, the lighting was bad since we've moved the dessert table thrice due to the venue's strict guideline *arghh*

Thank you to my wonderful angels for all the help and support!

This party was inspired from this candy party and balloon tutorial here.

Have a blessed week everyone!


Genevive said...

I love the party details especially that lollipop balloon! :) and ang cute Ng na isip na candy crush theme :) super like!

Kristine Jane Quiboloy said...

magandang araw. anong material po ginamit ninyo for the lollipop balloon stick?

i so love the idea.

Benga said...

Hi Kristine, sorry for the late reply, the stick is made of thick cartolina that I rolled, dinikit ko sa balloon with double sided tape.

Thanks for dropping by =)