Thursday, May 30, 2013

Today is awesome

 Received this pretty ATC last week for our ATC Swap,  thanks Bebang!  Been busy with so many other things, hopefully I can create a card set for our Card Set Challenge at UnitedScrappers.

BTW, did you notice that my Lalaloopsy post is topping the popular post of this blog?  I guess there are plenty of Lalaloopsy fans out there. Yey!

Shown  on the left is Sprouts Sunshine, she's an Easter 2012 Target exclusive edition and on the right is Little Bah Peep from the Fairytales Minis.

I just bought two more from Ebay and bought one from the toy store when I went on a trip to Batam.  I just can't stop!  I'm on a hunt for the Series 6 collection, especially Rosy and Toffee. They cost a fortune over at Ebay and Amazon, arghhh.

I love taking photos of these adorable minis and it's quite a challenge since I'm a point and shoot photographer ;)

Clockwise: Peppy, Berry, Jelly , Scoops


Scraps - 2012 Halloween Edition Target exclusive

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Genevive said...

they are so adorable! and kakasya sila sa dollhouse ko hehehe...